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How Do I Pronounce CiAyeTea?

Sē - ā - tē
Ci - Aye - Tea

It spells Cat lol

Is Your Packaging Environment Friendly?

We are trying our best to use as much biodegradable, compostable, and/or recyclable packaging as possible while still keeping the adorableness we all love!

The packing peanut (hearts) are biodegradable/water soluble! If your pet or child eats one, that's okay, but don't allow them to eat too many. They aren't food lol

What's Your Turn Around Time (TAT)?

As of 7/8/2020 Our NEW TAT is 7 to 10 days! 

Always check our Instagram for updates and information on possible delays! We are human and life can happen in the middle of taking care of business.

Honestly, it may ship much faster than that. It all depends on life at the time.

Can I Eat These Products?

NO NEVER!! DO NOT EAT/DRINK/DIGEST ANYTHING THAT IS NOT FOOD!! Most products are vegan, yes, however it is NOT edible!

Can I Use These Products On My Children?

Yes! Please read ingredients BEFORE you allow use on children especially if they have sensitivities or allergies! If you aren’t sure about an ingredient(s), please see their pediatrician/family doctor and ask them if it is safe for your child to use. You can ask us, but its much safer to ask someone that knows your children's' skin and conditions.

Will These Products Stain My Tub?

No! The water soluble dyes that we use will never stain your tub as long as it has nothing to cling onto. Please make sure your tub is clean before taking your bath and make sure you clean the tub out afterwards. This insures that there won't be any staining and you'll be removing any extra butters/oils left in the tub!

Why Is My Order Not The Same Color as The Picture?

There's a few answers to this question. 

1. the dyes we use discolor when introduced to too much light for a long period of time. 

2. every batch is handmade, meaning not every single batch will be exactly the same. we will try to get them as consistent as possible but we are only human ♡

3. if the fragrance contains vanilla, the product may discolor products. If your product begins to turn brown or blackish over time, this is normal!

Can I Pre-order Your Products Before They Come Out?

Unless there is a pre-order option already available, no, you cannot.

I Forgot To Add A Discount Code To My Order! Can You Add It For Me?

No. We previously did that while on Etsy, but we no longer provide that service. You can choose to cancel your order if it’s within 12 hours (see Refund Policy) and remake it correctly.

Do You Offer Combined Shipping?

Yes! If first order has already been shipped or a shipping label has already been printed BEFORE you make the second order, those orders will NOT be shipped together and shipping will NOT be refunded (packages are shipped in 7 to 10 days)

Can I Make Changes To My Order After It Was Placed?

Unfortunately, no. You can add to a new order and place that one and receive a refund for possible shipping overages (see the question above). You can also choose to cancel your order (as long as it’s within 12 hours), then recreate it correctly. You cannot take away products nor add a discount AFTER the order has been placed. 

Can I Cancel My Order?

If your order is less than 12 hours old, Yes. (If we can't get back to you immediately when you contacted us, your request will still be valid and a cancellation & refund will be headed your way)

If your order is more than 12 hours old, No.

See Refund Policy for more information.

Do You Offer Refunds? 

Please see our Refund Policy for more information.

How About Returns?

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

What Do I Do If My Package Gets Stolen? 

After we hand the packages off to USPS, it is up to them to deliver your products to the address provided. USPS insurance does NOT cover stolen packages after it’s been delivered. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for you at this point, but, you can reach out to your local police department to notify them of the theft and call your credit card company to see if they can assist you.

Can I Receive Free Products To Review For Your Company?

Lol, no. If you want content for your page/site, please support us by purchasing something. We will contact you if I want you to collab with us in that way. If you want to just try out our products, We suggest you purchase something and try it that way. We have plenty of coupon codes floating around, too! This shop is owned by a single person who depends on this to provide for herself and her future. Please don't be selfish and request free things. You wouldn't ask a multimillion dollar company to send you free products. So, why would you ask a small, 1 person owned business?

Do You Own Animals?

Yes, we do! We own 2 guinea pigs. If you are allergic to either of these, please order with caution. Our animals are not allowed in the soaping room however their hair could be attached to me anywhere while packing your box. Their hair will never be in the products themselves, but we do pack orders outside of the area where we make them and where the cat can possibly reach.