How Do I Pronounce CiAyeTea?

Sē - ā - tē
Ci - Aye - Tea

It spells Cat lol 

Why? I like cats alot lol. This is why all my labels have cat ears and a tail (sometimes).

Can I Eat It?


The jokes are really funny on Tiktok, I know, but please don't actually eat it lol

What's Your Turnaround Time (TAT)? (AS OF 3/15/2021)

Our TAT is 3 to 7 days! Orders are shipped in the order they were received!

Always check our TIktok or Instagram (@ciayetea) for updates and information on possible delays! We are human and life can happen in the middle of taking care of business.

What does Priority Shipping and First Class Shipping mean?

USPS classifies their shipping by either First Class or Priority. If you only purchase 1 scrub, you have the option of both types of shipping. If you purchased more than 1, you will ONLY have the option of Priority.

Priority Shipping: After I take your package to USPS, they will deliver it to you within 1 to 3 days.

First Class Shipping: After I take your package to USPS, they will deliver it to you within 3 to 7 days. (I only use this service for orders that are less than 1 pound/ 16 ounces)

The time all depends on how far away your state is from where I am, Illinois.

If you have a 1 item order and you choose Priority, that does NOT mean that I will be any faster with your order. That is USPS's service, not mine. It has nothing to do with my process.

Why Aren't You Shipping to Europe?

As of right now, I don't ship to EU because I don't understand VAT and how to get a VAT registration number. Until I get that together, I wont be shipping there on this site.

Why Is Shipping So Expensive?

I have no control over that whatsoever. USPS to set their own price for each order based on weight and where it would be going to. I do not offer any discounts or fixed amounts for shipping!!

Can I Use These Products On My Children?

Yes! Please read ingredients BEFORE you allow use on children especially if they have sensitivities or allergies! If you aren’t sure about an ingredient(s), please see their pediatrician/family doctor and ask them if it is safe for your child to use. You can ask us, but its much safer to ask someone that knows your child's skin and conditions.

Will These Products Stain My Skin?

No, they will not. If you have very pale skin, I would caution you just in case. I have dark brown skin and there's no staining or color residue after I rinsed the soap from my skin.

Will These Products Stain My Shower/Tub?

As long as you clean/wash out your tub/shower before and after your shower, there won't be any staining.

Some of the colorants I use CAN stick to left over dirt and grime that can be on the bottom or sides of the shower/tub. If for any reason a colorant does cling your tub/shower, you can use a Magic Eraser and it will come right off. 

Why Is My Order Not The Same Color as The Picture?

1. Every batch is handmade, meaning not every single batch will be exactly the same. Some colors may be a bit more vibrant or dull compared to the last time you received them, that is due to human error. They will still be around the same exact color but he shade may be off a tiny bit.

2. If the fragrance contains vanilla, the product may discolor products. If your product begins to turn tan/brown or orange-y over time, this is normal! That's the reaction vanilla has in some fragrance oils. It is still safe to use, the color has no benefit to the skin, its just for aesthetic purposes.

I Forgot To Add A Discount Code To My Order! Can You Add It For Me?

No. You can choose to cancel your order if it’s within 12 hours (see Refund Policy) and remake it correctly.

I Made A Purchase A Few Days Before A Sale Started. Can I Get The Discounted Price You Now Offer?

Sales are a rarity, so when they happen, I will not back peddle and change every open order I have to include the discount.

Unless your order is less than 12 hours old, I will not cancel and refund the order so you can remake it with the discount, either. 

Do You Offer Combined Shipping?

Yes! Please email me with your order numbers and I will combine them together.

I will not automatically combine your orders together, you must contact me and let me know so I can refund the shipping overages, if there are any.

This is only valid if your first order hasn't been shipped already.

Can I Make Changes To My Order After It Was Placed?

General Changes: Unfortunately, no. You can add to a new order and place that one and receive a refund for possible shipping overages (see the question above). You can also choose to cancel your order (as long as it’s within 12 hours), then recreate it correctly. You cannot take away products nor add a discount AFTER the order has been placed. 

Address Changes: If there's an error on your shipping address, you can email me and I will change the information for you! Please double check your address before completing your purchase!

If your order has already been shipped and it's the wrong address, I will not refund any money to you or reship them. It is my responsibility to make and send the products and it is your responsibility to enter the address I need to send the products to. 

Can I Cancel My Order?

If your order is less than 12 hours old, Yes. (If we can't get back to you immediately when you contacted us, your request will still be valid and a cancellation & refund will be headed your way)

If your order is more than 12 hours old, No. Under no circumstances, I do not accept cancellations past that time period

Do You Offer Refunds? 

Generally, no.

How About Returns?

For sanitation reasons, no.

What Do I Do If My Package Gets Stolen? 

After we hand the packages off to USPS, it is up to them to deliver your products to the address provided. USPS insurance does NOT cover stolen packages after it’s been delivered. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for you at this point, but, you can reach out to your local police department to notify them of the theft and call your credit card company to see if they can assist you.

Can I Receive Free Products To Review For Your Company?

Absolutely not. 

Do You Own Animals?

Yes, we do! We own Guinea Pigs at the moment, but they're no where near the area where products are made.