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About Me


My name is Teressa, or you can call me Tea :)

I started my soaping journey in early 2016 when I came across Royalty Soaps YouTube. She completely turned me OUT! I didn't even know it was possible to make soap at home. I watched her for a year and taught myself about how to create soap and what different oils and butters can do when added. From there I was introduced to bath bombs and solid bubble bars.

On June 4th, 2017 I bought my first round of ingredients to make soap and bath bombs. I was SOOOOO proud of myself that I took that first step into making my dreams come true. My mom was (and has always been) behind me every step of the way. I met my wonderful boyfriend a couple months later and he's been more of a help than he knows!

My shop officially opened June 4th, 2018, exactly 1 year after I physically started creating and testing. Things have been rocky during the first year but it was all worth it and I wouldn't take anything back. I learned a lot about myself, the bath community, and the potential I have within myself to create.

Mental health is another issue I struggle with very frequently, but, anytime I'm feeling "off", I make a post about it on Instagram. It may not be "professional" to do so, but, this is my shop and I want it to reflect who I am as a person. I made a very long post on Instagram about my mental heath and the things that are "wrong" with me. Have fun reading that lol if you want to. You don't have to, of course.

If you're also struggling with something and need someone to talk to, you're always welcome to message me on Instagram or email me @ Tea@ciayetea.com I'm always here <3