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Me and Puddin (my boyfriend) decided to work together on CiAyeTea! So now, instead of it just being me, it's the both of us!

I create products, respond to y'all, and all that jazz in the front of the business. He takes care of the numbers and packaging orders! Orders 1696 to 1806, Puddin packed them all! 💙

We've been talking about getting an office space and quitting our day jobs so that we can have the time and space we need to care for CiAyeTea. She's grown pretty large these last few months and it's been a dream to say the least!

We're getting the discord together so all my Kittens can have a place to be together and contact me in real time without having to worry about comment being buried on tiktok.

The discord WILL be 18+. The content posted should be generally SFW but I feel uncomfortable with having minors/children in a space that should be mostly adults. I won't check Id's (because that's too much work) but I would appreciate it very much if you only enter if you're of age! If we find out that you're bot, you will be kicked and banned!! Pleasd respect my wishes! If it gets to the point where I need to check Id's, I will do it!

Rules for the discord will be posted when the time has come to open the doors.

We have other things in the works but the main thing we need to do, is get an office space!

Thank you all for all the support and love yall have been throwing at me, it means the world to me!! Yall are amazing ass people and I love you!

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  • Serenity Redfox

    When will the Bakugou scrub be back?

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