Major Changes That Were Impulsively Made but for the Right Reason

We are no longer selling the following products;

Body Creams, Body Oils, Butter Scrubs, Shower Gels

We decided this Friday at around 6pm CST. I, Tea, am getting worn out to be completely honest with you. We realized that I haven't had a break since December. I've been working my ass off since then and not thinking twice about it until now. 

We get tons of orders every week and trying to keep up with those, all the characters I have available, all the different products I make, and trying to add more characters has been hell ngl. 

The choice was to either limit the amount of characters I make or limit the type of products I sell. The best decision for this kind of business is definitely the latter. With making this choice, I already feel a 1500 lb weight being lifted off my back and it feels SO GOOD (we not gone talk about how this is a weight that I placed on myself).

We are incredibly behind on orders and I don't want it to be like this anymore. I don't want our TAT to be up to 21 business days. I personally feel like that's way too long but that's what I had to do in order to get all these different products made. My goal is to have orders out between 3 to 10 business days instead, which is half the time.


Will these products come back?

Yes! But not until we can afford to hire some help around here. I can't handle doing 6 different products and the 50 characters/scents we had available. We had over 300 products in total.

Another reason we made this decision is because Dre and I have been bashing heads often and this is because I'm putting work ahead of literally everything else. I haven't done anything for myself lately, I haven't been spending time with him or my fur babies. Work is all I have done for 6 months straight. Dre has also been doing everything at home that we're supposed together; like cleaning, giving the guinea pigs their veggies/meds, etc. He's been getting drained from carrying house responsibilities and I have been getting drained from working almost literally 24/7.

I'm so sorry if this comes as bad news to you, but for our mental and physical heath and our actual relationship's health, we have to cut back on the products.


TLDR: We tired cuz we worked for 6 months straight with no breaks. From today, until otherwise stated, the only products we will offer are;

Whipped Scrubs, Whipped Soap, and Artisan Soaps.

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  • I’m so happy you both have decided to take time for yourself! please be safe and careful while you are on break. :D I hope you get plenty of rest and take lots of dates! ~🐇 Usagi !! <3


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