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(‐^▽^‐) Updates & News

Me and Puddin (my boyfriend) decided to work together on CiAyeTea! So now, instead of it just being me, it's the both of us! I create products, respond to y'all, and all that jazz in the front of the business. He takes care of the numbers and packaging orders! Orders 1696 to 1806, Puddin packed them all! 💙 We've been talking about getting an office space and quitting our day jobs so that we can have the time and space we need to care for CiAyeTea. She's grown pretty large these last few months and it's been a dream to say the least! We're getting the discord together so all my Kittens can have a place to be together and...

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(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ New Products?

Hi there!! So I've been getting a lot of emails and comments about when I will be expanding my product line from just scrubs to other products. At the moment, I don't have enough space for more products and the amount of orders I receive every week. Also, I would be working myself crazy if I tried to do all of these different things all by myself. I plan on making body butter/lotion, shower gel, glycerin soap, artisan soap, candles, and wax melts. Edit: As of 2/14/2021, the last theme I'm adding is Haikyuu! I'm changing my label art and I can't add more characters until the others are all converted to the new art. With your support, our dream...

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(っ◕‿◕)っ Turn Around Time

My turn around time can take anywhere between 7 to 21 days. It all depends on how many orders are ahead of yours. All, product except for Artisan Soap, are made to order! Please remember that it takes time to make everything! Even if your order is small, the order(s) before yours could be hefty. If you would like to know where your order stands in the queue, please contact me or you can take a look on Instagram or Tiktok for the queue update that I post every Sunday. Do NOT message me on social media, the chances of me seeing it in an appropriate amount of time is slim. Email is the way to go to get to me! Also,...

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