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Your Emails Are Going to the Spam Folder!!

A very quick blog!

I get tons of spam every week from fake sponsors and "influencers" that Google already knows to shove in the Spam folder.

When you're filling the form out, please give a real Subject otherwise Google will filter you in with the spam!!! I WILL NOT SEE IT!!

I do not go through the spam too often (example, I have actual customers emails in the spam folder from February) so please make sure when you're trying to contact us, be formal in the email! 

You can also message us on Instagram, that's the fastest and most effective way to get a response honesty. 




EDIT 09/12/2020 I've fixed the issue! My emails are being sorted correctly now. I'm very sorry if your email went into the spam and didn't receive an answer until now. If I don't respond to your email within 2 days, please message me on social media for an easier/faster response!!

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