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More Changes?


Now that there isn't any bath bombs being made anymore, I have to rework my previous "changes are coming" announcement lol.

As of right now, 7/8/2020, my mental health is in the garbage for several reasons, we'll talk more about that later. I mentally cannot handle anything that brings me stress right now. so, I'm limiting the product range to 3 products; artisan soap, sugar scrubs, and wax melts. when I am able to take on more tasks, I *may* add to this list. This is starting in August. 

This decision did not come lightly, as with all my other choices. I'm still trying to figure out what works for me personally the best. I'm setting up a work schedule for myself so that I'm only working within that time frame and not overworking myself to death. I'm also shutting down my DMs, specifically on Instagram.

When BLM movement took over everything and people were sharing Black Owned businesses, I was honored in being included in so many of those shares! It was a blessing and a curse honestly. I'm so thankful for everyone being interested in my craft and me in general but holy fuck. I gained 1,000 followers and I got so many messages and emails. Most of them were just friendly things and I would respond to some and then that would bring on a full conversation that I would have to struggle through. I am NOT a social person at all. Yes, I own a business and I have no problems with answering or responding to business questions. I can't handle the regular talking, especially not with a huge amount of people. I'm overwhelmed with it and my social battery has drained for WEEKS because of this. if you've messaged me, please dont feel bad! I love and cherish your support interest in me as a person and small business owner! 💙 I just dont know how to talk in a closed setting lol


if you need to contact me for business reasons, please email me! use the contact us form on this website!! if you want to get to know me personally, I cant do that right now. I am thinking of doing vlog type things for YouTube so yall can have that sense of being personal with me without me draining my battery. it's in the works.

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