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Monthly Bath Box Themes

UPDATE 07/01/2020 The themed boxes are currently on hold until I can figure things out with replacing bath bombs. As soon as i get that together, they will be returning


EDIT 9/12/2020 I'm thinking about starting this back up at the start of 2021. I have an idea on what to do!! I'm gonna start this at the top of the year because I have to re-plan each box.


DONE June 2020 - Naruto -- Shinobi: Team 7

July 2020 - Spongebob -- Imagination 

August 2020 - Crash Bandicoot -- N Sane

September 2020 - Zelda -- Hero of Soap

October 2020 - Conspiracy Theory

November 2020 - The Bat Family -- Family of the Knight

December 2020 - Advent Calendar 

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