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Custom Fandom Products

A lovely customer emailed me this morning and asked me if she could customize a pre-existing themed product. They didn't care for the scent I assigned it and was wondering if they could swap that out for something else.

That got me wondering... How many other people were turned away because they didn't like the scent or the colors I chose...? Also, how many people bought the scrubs regardless because they really really love that character?

I did a poll on Instagram today and asked my followers if they would like the option of fully customizing their own fandom scrub or soap. Yeah the poll was insanely one sided so my choice was very easy for me to make.

I will be revamping the site to make room for the new option. The custom listing will not be available until next month. I have to redesign labels that would be customizable to fit any theme and any color scheme. I will also have to make sure I have more than enough base made and jars in stock ready to be filled. 

 As of right now, only

  • Sugar Scrubs
  • Whipped Soap

Will be available for customs for now.


As of right now, I want to test the waters with this new idea. I haven't done anything like this before so I'm not sure how it'll go. Trial and error!!

Things that will NEVER be made custom;

  • Bath Bombs
  • Bubble Baths

I will NEVER make custom bath bombs in this way, I'm so sorry. Bath bombs are hard enough for me to make as is, I don't need to add the stress of making them custom on top of that.

Bubble baths will never be made custom, either because they take way too much time to make. The price for making a single custom would take far too much time in planning and molding. The price would be too expensive for my comfort. 


How It'll Work:

Okay so, I will have a predetermined amount of scrubs I will be able to take every month. It'll usually be based on how many jars I have in stock.

Fandom & Character Name: You will be able to choose your own fandom & character. When giving your character, please be specific so I can color match as best as I can!

For example: If you were to choose the fandom Legend of Zelda and the character Link and the colors you choose are green, tan, and yellow, I need you to be specific about which Link.

If you don't care which or you want a surprise then you can leave it vague and I'll randomly select a picture to color match with.

However if you specifically want Twilight Princess Link, you will need to type that in so I can choose a darker color palette than the usual bright colors in the other games like in Skyward Sword or Wind Waker.


One custom is for one character!! Only pick one character per scrub. The ONLY exception is if the characters are a packaged deal. This does NOT Include ships (canon or not)! The rule is, If you can consider them as a single character when you talk about them, you can have them both in a single jar. This is just for easier labeling and design.

EX: Karasuno Volleyball Team from" Haikyuu!!" IS acceptable! They're a team and a packaged deal when you mention the team as a whole.

EX: Deku & Bakugou from "My Hero Academia" is NOT acceptable! They are on the same team, yes, however they aren't considered as one.

EX: Jessie & James from Pokémon IS acceptable! These two are ALWAYS mentioned together in almost every context. They can be considered as one.

If you have questions, then feel free to message me before you purchase just to bypass any future confusion.

Fragrance: I have a list of almost every fragrance I love and have used in the shop for the last 2 years. I feel the most comfortable with these scents and I know how they react in the scrub. If there's scents that you would like to see, you can email me and I will try to have that scent available for the next month. 

Colors: You may choose up to three colors. You HAVE to choose the first color and the other two can be left unfilled if you only want one. The soap is naturally white/slightly off white so choosing WHITE is adding no colorant. Based on the character you choose, I will try my hardest to color match with official artwork of them and the colors you chose.

There will be a space available to add extra notes. Here is where you would add any extra information you'd like to add about the scrub/soap. Also you can add your Social Media @ or URL to  (for me to contact you easier if I need to) Preferably Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr, whichever the one you are most active on.

If there is any information that is needed for your order, I will contact you! Please triple check that your email and your social media handle is correct. If you do not respond within 3 days, I will refund money for the custom and fulfill the rest of the order without it.

That's about it!! I know this seems like a lot of information but Its really simple when you understand the gist of it. As long as you're specific, you'll be fine! 

Love Y'all!!!

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