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Covid-19 Exposure

My boyfriend (Puddin'), has Covid-19

He was admitted to the hospital this morning. He's had symptoms for the last 8 days and I've been taking care of him. 

We went to the hospital Monday night and they told him that he has pneumonia in his right lung. They told him that they didn't think that he had the virus and they gave him antibiotics, an inhaler, some Tylenol, and discharged him.

He was getting somewhat better we thought, then yesterday, Friday, his cough changed and got more aggressive. We were informed today that it got more aggressive because the pneumonia moved to the other lung as well. He was admitted earlier today, Saturday.

Because I was caring for him so closely, I have been advised by his doctor to self quarantine. Which means; I cant work at my day job, I can't work on CiAyeTea products, I can't pack orders, and I cant leave out the house to go to the post office.

I cannot get tested due to the shortage of tests in the U.S, I have no symptoms, and I'm not a baby or an elder. If I ever do show signs of covid or pneumonia, I have to go to the hospital. Hopefully I don't, but, 8 days is a very long time to spend with someone who is sick.



CiAyeTea Updates

The shop will be closed until my quarantine is over and until Puddin feels like himself. All open orders will go out as soon as my quarantine is over. I am no where near the products or the room that products are created. In fact, I am staying at my boyfriends until this is over. I can't risk harming the others where I live so I have to quarantine here where there's no one to contaminate. The open orders have received an email with a briefing on the situation and information on what will happen with their order.


Facts About His illness While in My Care:

He didn't experience any pain associated with the pnemonia or covid-19 until Friday. When the cough got more aggressive, the coughs would cause him to get a headache. Unrelated, he did have back pain and neck strain but that's due to chairs and the very lumpy bed that he has. 

Sometimes when he coughed throughout the entire 8 days he was sick in my care, he coughed up brown thick phlegm.It was thick like honey, possibly a bit thicker. Neither one of use touched it for obvious reasons. It, thankfully, was not blood. I think it was the fluid that was in his lung.

We strongly believe that he caught it when he was working. We work at a single occupancy hotel where people can live and stay for a very long time. We are essential workers because we have to make sure or tenants can get in and out the building and make sure they aren't in harms way. 


His symptoms are:




Loss of Appetite

Short of Breath

Clammy Skin


If this sounds like you or anyone you know, please go to the ER and seek attention immediately! Pneumonia is not something to wait around for. It is not like a cold or Flu! Please get help!


UPDATE: April 25th

He's in recovery!! The hospital discharged him today! They gave him a ventalater, and a portable can of air for if he has to go outside. We have no plans to go anywhere until he's fully recovered. While in the hospital, he lost about 20 pounds. He's eating a little more now so hopefully he'll gain his weight back soon. We're taking everything very slowly until he's able to do everything on his own again. The nurses said that he was recovering a lot faster than the other patients they've had.

UPDATE: May 9th

We're back to working! He's 100% recovered. There's no more coughing, he can breath without the ventilator, and hes able to eat without problem! as a matter of fact, he's eating like normal now!

Thank you all for your messages and well wishes through this whole thing. We are, of course, being safe at work and being safe everytime we step outside to protect everyone around us. Thank goodness he's fully recovered!!

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  • i’m so sorry to hear about this. sending positivity your way & hoping for a speedy recovery!!! ): get well soon <3


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