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Okay so, more changes! Lmao

Nothing too extreme, as always, but enough to change the flow of the shop.

So first things first... As i said with the last changes post on Instagram, I will only be making things that I want to make. I am most comfortable and successful when i make what I'm motivated to make.

I have a set list of themes that I have planned for the shop for these next two months. I will NOT be adding a new theme every month. I'll add themes/products as when i want to. This lifts the load off of me to continuously have new products to debut all the time. This was something that i was struggling with for a long time. I always felt like i needed to have new things in the shop all the time to get attention/orders in and that's not exactly true.


Sooooo the themes that I have set right now are the things that I'm currently obsessed with:

DC Comics (Mostly Batman & Villains tbh)


Legend of Zelda

My Hero Academia



Weeb Trash (a collection of random Japanese words\phrases that weebs love)

CiAyeTea Originals (Cat themed stuff)

Hentai/18+ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I will add to this list as I see fit. For the rest of the year, I will be working with themes only. 


The products I'm currently making are:

*Artisan Soap

**Whipped Sugar Scrubs

Glycerin Soap

Jelly Soap

Bubble Baths (Solid)

Bubble Baths (Liquid)

*Artisan Soap will be coming soon! These won't always be inspired by the themes listed above, they may just be Kawaii ass products or have a completely different theme. My goal is to start making soap at the beginning of 2021! I would love to record myself (or live stream it preferably cuz I don't wanna edit lol) but, we'll see what the future holds!


**Some products are going bye bye (All the Weeb Trash Sugar Scrubs & 2 of the CAT ones). They aren't selling too hot and i could be doing something else with those fragrances and names. So most of them will be converted into bubble baths or they'll be put on the back burner until I can figure out what I wanna do.


As for the boxes, I'm going back to those at the top of next year!! I'll have the new theme list for them up as soon as I get that together. I think I may start with Naruto again & get the art commissioned instead of me make it cuz I don't want that job anymore lol


That's all i got right now lol. as soon as there's more info, I'll either add it here or, if its too long, I'll make a completely different post.

Love Y'all!! 

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